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I don’t think I’ve ever blogged when I’ve felt happy. Or felt completely grateful and lucky to be me. Yes I’m not perfect. Yes I’m not a mum, a girlfriend or a high flying business woman that I once dreamt of. Instead its just little old me. Helen. Helen who, as pointed out today by a lovely friend and by others, that the achievements I wanted years ago and thought would only make me accepted as a human have changed.

Instead I have something different. I have in the past, recorded and edited radio shows, run book clubs and was a manager for 8 years. These days I’m running a house on my own (this apparently is a big thing in itself, my friend pointed this out today) I am involved in volunteering with park run. I have two big events this year, the Leeds 10k and The Great North Run. Only problem is I can’t find the motivation to run at the moment as all I want to do is sleep. So I’m trying to walk everywhere to get my fitness back. 8 miles done today.

Over the winter I did a 6 week stress course and realised I’m not alone. I have learned some skills but I am still putting them in to practice. I’m also learning a new set of skills with my job. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Recently I’ve started feeling like I don’t want to get out of bed, and yesterday I didn’t want to eat. I was worried. then thanks to some lovely friends I felt normal again. Today I met up with one of them and had a good chat and we put the world to rights and I felt amazing.

I think as Adults we forget that we still need help. at 18 we’re expected to act as adults. In our 30’s we should have it together. We should be in a relationship, have a house, kids etc. But sometimes that doesn’t happen. Like in my case I keep picking the wrong ones.

I’ve took a good look at myself recently and I know where my issues lie. I know what I need to do. But sometimes I don’t think others do. So this is to those out there, please remember we may look the same but we’re not. We all learn differently, we all react differently, we all have hormones that drive us crazy, and we all need help. Whether its an unexpected hug, a cup of tea/coffee, or someone to walk or run with, we just need to show people we’re there. People take the simple things for granted, I don’t, I love them and I miss them. Hence why today I treated myself to a subway, and made myself sit down and take time out.

Today was amazing. I hope I can get another day like that.

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Book review -The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier

I haven’t read a book in over a month. I thought I could a few weeks ago but put it down again. Here’s my favourite book of all time.

Hello from me to you

The cover of the copy we read at school and I had up until two years ago. :( The cover of the copy we read at school and I had up until two years ago. 😦


This story has stayed with me since school. I think I have got to the point of annoying my sister with this obsession of finding a copy with the illustration of the book above after I lost our copy in the move over two years ago. It has really upset me that I can’t find the copy we had as it was from school and I know at least I had done a project on it. The story Of Joseph and his family has always stuck with me and this is the third time in reading it after first was at school and then in 2007 and again now. When I was up north I was hunting for it in my sister’s room and got so upset that I couldn’t…

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Heidi PriebeA lot of Thought Catalog articles have spoken to me over the years, but the first Thought Catalog author I ever became truly hooked on was Ryan O’Connell. In the early days of TC, I admired Ryan’s work because it was honest and funny and able to expose these incredibly deep truths about life…

via I’m 25 Years Old And I Think I’m Finally Learning How To Be Happy — Thought Catalog


In the last 6 months I’ve tried to gear my self up to start running again. In some cases not bothered at all. And then one Saturday morning I didn’t have to start work until 11am and decided to try my local parkrun. I do try run in this park but I know the hills and give up quite quickly. Leeds has some amazing parks but it also has lots of hills in places. My local park being one of them. So when I decided to take on this run, I aimed just to finish it. I did by doing some running then walking and running again, encouraging others on the hills to keep going. My first one at this park was the first of this year and I surprised myself when I completed it in a time of 36 mins 21 seconds. Now my quickest time at Roundhay and my first was 34 mins 48 seconds. So anything below 40 mins is a bonus for me.

Then last week The last one of my 36th year I completed my local parkrun this time in 35 mins 47 seconds. Now this one will hold a place in my heart. Simply because I was allowed to help set up, and because of the wonderful people who volunteer to allow others to exercise. Parkrun is run by volunteers. I do it and I love seeing others achieve milestones however big or small. Plus you’re always welcome. This time though apart from helping set up, I struggled on the second to last lap and as I reached the hill jogging a man on the corner shouted ‘come on you’re doing well, you’ve got some power there!’. Now that’s stuck with me and when I did complete everyone was saying well done. That’s the thing with Parkrun, it’s like a big family and everyone is so happy to see everyone else achieve something.


Today I ran the 5k at the top of Leeds, where for me it all started. Mainly because of a friend and because it was a good place to catch up with her. I started in 2014 just taking photos then it lead to marshalling and finish tokens. Such a privilege. So I wanted to see it from the other side. I held at the back to go steady, managed 3/4 of the first lap before I had to walk then kept trying to push myself, which probably was a bad idea.

Again I saw some amazing people do some wonderful things. People of all ages, size, abilities giving it their all to do a 5k on a soggy Saturday morning.  When I got to the second off last lap it felt like a zombie film, the fog was descending and I was waiting for someone to pop out of the trees at some point it was that spooky. On the start of my last lap I got past the finish line and then started walking again for two fast runners to come out of no where and start shouting ‘come on you can do it, last bit’ and I just replied ‘I can’t it’s to hard’. So they egged me on to start jogging. This I found to hard so both guys told me to slow it down even further and keep moving. They then went off to find others to motivate them. I carried on until I found I hit a hilly bit and stopped again until I got to the corner and slowly jogged in. Boy did it hurt. But I can’t thank everyone enough for their help and support.


We live in such a busy world these days and yet a simple thing as using our feet, brings so many people together. After Parkrun everyone meets in a local cafe to catch up and sort tokens. It’s such a lovely atmosphere. I happened to stand up and look around and just saw so much warmth. A lovely lady started talking to me, she told me she was 77 and said her husband told her to come down this morning even though she didn’t feel like it. I told her she did the right thing. the best place if you’re not feeling grand is surrounded by loving people. I told her it does me the world of good and it doesn’t matter what time you get as long as she’s doing it. She thanked me for this and then went off to chat to some others.

So you see, some things don’t have to cost the earth to make us feel better. We just need to get out and give something a try, however much we don’t feel like doing something. I must remember that on Tuesday when I want to sleep in instead of trying a run in the park.

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200 parkruns and counting

Try something new on a Saturday morning. You can meet some amazing people

StripeyAnne's Blog

200parkrun parkrun #200 for me, #50 for my mate Jill (on the ground, recovering) 

There’s a little piece of a Leeds park that has a little piece of me. Well when I say of me, I mean a few millimetres of rubber from my running shoes, along with a bit of scraped skin and quite a lot of my heart.

It’s just under five years ago that I trotted along to Hyde Park, that’s the Green Lungs of Leeds park, not the London pretender of the same name, and joined 270 others who had got out of bed on a Saturday morning to run the 5km parkrun.

What madness was this? Running around a park at the start of the weekend in the cold and wet, with a bunch of strangers when I could be reading the Guardian, drinking coffee and chewing on croissants? Noel was away and I…

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Feeling lucky -random thoughts

This popped up on Facebook Memories. It made me cry. I didn’t realise how scary things were over a year ago. I’ve still got the vision board, but now I’ve got a diary and I write down what I’m grateful for each day. There’s still loads I want to do and like in 2015 and 2016, if help is needed I will ask.

Hello from me to you


Get on up When you’re down, baby,
Take a good look around.
I know it’s not much, But it’s okay.
We’ll Keep on movin’ on anyway

-Keep on movin’ -Five

2015 was an interesting year. It turns out that I wasn’t going crazy like I first thought. Turns out I have a vitamin D deficiency i.e. lack of sunlight. That topped with what felt like on/off depression and stress in a busy time of work had made me react/feel un-human/zombie is the only way I can describe it, not normal. After someone mentioned it after my memory did get worse, I went to the Doctor and had a blood test. Turns out he was testing for all sorts of things and thank fully I’m not diabetic or any other serious condition, I just don’t get enough sun. I now have a 3 month course of vitamin d supplements to take…

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Top 5 running bits of 2016

and here’s my inspiration. If it wasn’t for this lovely lady I wouldn’t have found the magic of parkrun


2016 has been a great year of running, with a number of firsts for me. It used to always be about getting faster and bashing out the same events, but this year has been much more varied. I’ve done 2 trail half marathons, which I’ve decided I like because no-one expects you to run up a steep, woody incline when it’s been raining for 3 days and nobody cares if you’re 20 minutes slower than your last race. I’ve spent more Summer Sunday mornings running in the woods (or walking if we’re lost) with mates, then finding a cafe for enormous cake, and not giving a crap how far we’ve gone. And thanks to training for a marathon, I’ve done more adventurous long distances, only to find I can’t go anywhere without seeing at least 3 runners I know.

However, here’s my top 5 running moments of 2016, inspired by

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Run Helen Run: 2017

Well, I did it. I managed to kick myself out the house and do about 24 minutes of exercise. I decided yesterday, today would be the day I would start getting back into running. I sat and planned the days I would run and then I downloaded an app. It was couch to 5k. What I didn’t realise was that it was actually a podcast and it had the voice of Jo Whiley instructing you on how long to walk for and how long to run for. She has such a soothing voice. So I went to the local park and started walking. I did a five minute brisk walk and then 60 seconds run, this alternated between that and 90 seconds break with a brisk walk. In total I did 8 minutes running and also got to take in some amazing views. The sun was creating some amazing affects through the trees


The one thing I forgot about the park was that its on a giant slope. So when it came to a few of the runs it was on the incline. But someone how I talked myself into going slow and somehow got to the top. Yes it was cold, and I forgot my knee support, again and yes I perhaps should have wrapped up a bit better but I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do the next session. perhaps join in a few parkruns, but we shall see. It’s a start.


I’m also trying to follow the lead of others and charging myself everytime I’m out. I was thinking 50p for every 20 minutes. I do so much emotional spending on silly things when really if I tried doing this I get time to think and time to try work things out. I could save loads of money and put it towards the running events or new running gear. However it maybe a few IOU’s to start with but we’ll see how we go, but if next time I fancy a pasty or junk food I will try to think twice and put the money in the jar.

Amazing what you can do with a jar from IKEA and some sharpie pens

If anyone has any tips please let me know.

Thank you for reading.


The Keys To Success: Letting Go Of Fear

Lauryn Nwaeze

Lesson 1: Letting Go Of Fear


Welcome back! This is the first lesson of my “The Keys To Success” series. The blog was created to encourage people to address and solve the issues in their lives that are affecting their well-being mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in order to walk into 2017 with a renewed confidence and perspective by sharing the lessons I have learnt over the past few years. Lessons which I believe we should all take before achieving our success this New Year.

I think that when rebuilding your core foundations from the ground up you have to really dig deep and face what you’re dealing with internally. I decided that “Letting Go Of Fear” should be the first lesson I address in this series as I believe that fear definitely plays a monumental role in the destruction of a person’s self esteem and prosperity in life.

As mentioned…

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What I have learnt through running every(ish) day of Advent

Sally Xerri-Brooks

15698077_10154178862241762_7681385810596230776_nAt the end of November I read a fantastic article in the rather fabulous Standard Issue by Sophie Scott, a woman who started ‘Advent running’ on 1st December a few years back – at least a mile a day – and never stopped. What struck me was her ordinariness. She wasn’t one of those lycra-clad serious running types (apologies if you’re one of those…) she was like me!

So, on 1st December I set myself a challenge to run 26.2 miles during December. I am *not* a sportswoman by any stretch of the imagination. This, for me, was a genuine challenge.

Here is what I learnt through the 16 runs and 26.4 miles I ran:

1. The pain the day after the first run was surprisingly bad. I had some Reiki that day, and the practitioner asked where it hurt. I responded: “everywhere”.

2. After the third day, the pain…

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