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365 Day Blog challenge Day 27 – Imposter #365daychallenge

I feel like this sometimes

It's all about the Yes

It’s Saturday; it’s a Christmas lunch (obligation grrr) and it’s the final of Strictly Come Dancing so I’ll not be around much today. The post below popped up in my news feed today and summed up so much. I wrote a Day in Life post about my job a few days ago where I’ve spent most of the last 12 months struggling and wondering why I was there and feeling like an imposter (I’m over it now) and the message from Neil Gaiman below just nails how it’s something that happens to most people.


2017-12-16 10.07.18

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 16 – Secret Santa 365daychallenge

This is what I’ll be doing in 2018

It's all about the Yes

It’s that time of year again where work teams and families plan for Secret Santa. Budgets (and themes) are decided on, names are drawn out of a hat and people start gifting.

Our work team have the usual one of £5 but the staff book club are doing something slightly different this year. We are doing a jólabókaflóð instead

This is based on an Icelandic tradition where people give books on Christmas Eve but we’ve added in some chocolate as who doesn’t like chocolate?

Well actually my pick 🙂

So books and biscuits (cookies) for the recipient of my gift.

It’s taken me out of my comfort zone a bit as the recipient doesn’t like any of the same books as me. What do you buy when you have no knowledge of the genre? I’m not at work Friday so will be trawling the shops looking for non-fiction books where…

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 4 – Don’t Worry Be Happy #365daychallenge

It's all about the Yes

Tonight I’ve been to visit a friend who has just come out of hospital after a seizure. They did all sorts of tests and in the end after discussing her lifestyle have decided that the seizure was brought on by too much stress and worrying. My friend has basically worried herself into hospital.

Its quite scary. Now she has had a year from hell so possibly not surprising she’s now ill but it does make you take a step back and check your own worry levels. Years ago I would worry about everything then I had some Life Coaching and it turned out I worried about things that were not due to take place for another few years. Since I realised this I managed to let go of many things and am quite the laid back person these days.

So today for you some wise words about worrying less:


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365 Day Blog challenge Day 31 – Movies #365daychallenge

It's all about the Yes

Like the majority of people I love the movies but I think that for me the enjoyment of going to the movies has gone. I could talk about how it’s too expensive now (it is) or how annoying is  the amount of adverts you have to sit through before the film even starts but they’re common arguments.

I think for me some of the problem is social media. Everyone loves to review – I do it with books. But there’s a subset of people that like to spoil and reveal the big plot points. When doing a book review sometimes you really want to comment on a plot point but know if you do you may be spoiling the book for someone else. It’s a balancing act of giving your reader a reason to buy the book but without ruining the ending

And that is what happened to me recently…

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365 Day Blog challenge Day 32 – What books are on your shelf?#365daychallenge

It's all about the Yes

An interesting topic this seeing as I do book reviews as a serious hobby. The answer is probably not that many books. As I get older and my eye site gets worse (for reading) I’ve found that I do the thing I swore I’d never do and spend more time on my kindle. My to-review books are also on there as are about a 1000 9mostly free) books downloaded from Amazon.

I do still love my paper books and there are some where I absolutely cannot de-clutter such as my Terry Pratchett and JR Ward series. Plus a few other smaller sets such as the works of Ben Aaronovitch and a new author to me Sue Tingley. Oh and not forgetting many shelves of holistic non fiction: mindfulness, life coaching, crystals and more…

But up until this summer I had 3 huge book cases full of books.  I’d de-cluttered the…

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Interview with: Faiz Kermani

Owlish Books

Post 58

A while ago, I reviewed Faiz Kermani‘s The Frog who Loved Mathematics on my blog (read the review here). The author contacted me a little later to thank me for my positive review so I jumped at the opportunity to ask him if he would answer a few questions for my blog. He agreed, so here you can find his responses to my many, many questions.

First, the main question: why a frog?

FK: It’s weird, but I really don’t know the answer…however, the more I write about frogs the more I like them. I think my books are part of a new genre – Frog-friendly fiction!


How do you choose the subjects you write about?

FK: By chance. Lots of things from daily life seem to spark off odd ideas for stories.

Why do you write children’s books?

FK: I think I’m still a kid at…

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The cafe of awwws and big smiles

StripeyAnne's Blog


We’ve a lot of cafes in Leeds, but the latest to open is the only one that comes with paws and purrs. The Kitty Cafe is the new home to a dozen or so rescue and stray cats who rush to greet you as soon as the door’s opened. Well, not so much rush and greet, they are typical cats and just ignore you until it suits them. Cats, eh?

We’d visited a cat cafe in Paris, it was the first I’d heard of cafes with cats, but the idea of sipping a latte surrounded by cats, particularly French cats, was very appealing, I was excited to see whether they miaowed with a French accent.  They didn’t, it seems miaowing is a universal language.

The Kitty Cafe opened in Leeds last week, of course we had to go. The windows were already covered with smudges where humans had pressed their…

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Book Club – Leeds

Source: Book Club – Leeds

Book Club (Louise Hay – You can heal your life)

As well as specialising in things holistic and complimentary we at New Beginnings at one time hosted the book club on the now sadly closed South Leeds Community radio station. We’ve decided to bring back the book club but from the more accessible Costa coffee on Briggate, Leeds
As we are all about positivity and healing the new book club will be for those who wish to read spiritual books (not necessary religion though), self help books, other general positive works and no doubt throwing in our favourite decluttering books to chat about. The choices are endlessTo start with we will be discussing Louise Hay – You can heal your life
Good reads blurb: Louise’s key message in this powerful work is: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking…and improve the quality of your life.Don’t worry if you don’t get chance to read it, please still come along and join the discussion. We also invite you to bring a choice for the next club and be a part of the forward planning discussion. Appreciating not everyone works Mon-Fri & 9-5 we thought this could be an evolving event where we can choose dates between us dependent on the best work patterns and also change venues whenever we feel like it. Maybe in August we could meet in the park & bring picnics?? We want the events to be as inclusive as possible. Everyone has something to share and bring to the chat.
If you are coming along please drop us a line on the facebook event

Review: LBCOutlaws – The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes


LBC Outlaws

Date:  Wednesday 2nd of March 2016
Time:  6:30pm
Address: Harper Street, LS2 7EA



The Shining Girls


Lauren Beukes


16131077The girl who wouldn’t die, hunting a killer who shouldn’t exist…
A terrifying and original serial-killer thriller from award-winning author, Lauren Beukes.
1930’s America: Lee Curtis Harper is a delusional, violent drifter who stumbles on a house that opens onto other times.
Driven by visions, he begins a killing spree over the next 60 years, using an undetectable MO and leaving anachronistic clues on his victims’ bodies.

But when one of his intended ‘shining girls’, Kirby Mazrachi, survives a brutal stabbing, she becomes determined to unravel the mystery behind her would-be killer. While the authorities are trying to discredit her, Kirby is getting closer to the truth, as Harper returns again and again…

 The Review


I’m not sure…

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StripeyAnne's Blog

George George with Rolf, another of our regular parkrun volunteers

Allow me to introduce you to George, he’s my pal. I see him every week at parkrun, he announces his arrival with a loud and cheery ‘A-a-a-a-n-n-n-n-e-!’ as he greets me with the warmest and loveliest hug. Every time I see him, he makes me happy.

He’s been one of our team of parkrun volunteers for some time now, collecting the tokens from the runners, cheering us all on, standing there in all  kinds of weather. When he’s on duty, everyone returns their tokens.

He’s the first to admit that running’s not his favourite thing, he’d rather be on the stage, he’s rather a good actor, or in the audience at shows, theatre and pantomime. What that lad hasn’t seen isn’t worth seeing, he’s a regular aficionado, I learn so much from him. But back to running, he’s had a…

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