365 Day Blog challenge Day 45: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 14 #365daychallenge

What would your younger self be proud of you for today?

*For getting through University, school told me I wouldn’t get far and I managed to do it but looking back on it, part of me wish I hadn’t done it as I struggled and didn’t feel like I fitted, I also wish I had gone abroad when I had the chance and I wish I had sought help with depression etc. But it was the choice I made at the time and it seemed right and now I have letters after my name and I’ve come to love a city I’ve lived in for nearly half my life.

*For trying to sort my health even when at times just wanted to hide away from everyone.

*For running  a house on my own.

*Getting back in touch with family.

*For running/managing a business for 8 years (not mine)

*For sticking to running and getting an amazing time in the Great North Run, I still can’t believe after watching it for years on TV I actually did it.

*Volunteering at parkrun

*For passing my driving test first time or simply just for taking lessons.

*For always wanting to learn new things and wanting to learn to write which lead to the local radio station and recording and editing shows. So proud of that.

*For going to book club, not knowing anyone and eventually running a few meetings.

Thank you for reading



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