365 Day Blog challenge Day 43: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 12 #365daychallenge

What things make you feel happy to be alive?

I’m not quite sure at the moment. Things have been a bit tough recently, but the one thing that pops in to my head is my support network. The last few years I’ve reconnected with family that I’ve not seen in years due to my Dad cutting us off from them, I don’t know the full truth but I was lead to believe it was over something really petty. Anyway that’s all done with and last year I got to do the Great North Run with two of my cousins and had an amazing time.

Also with living in Leeds away from my family, who are in county Durham and then I have Aunts, Uncles and cousins in Norfolk, I have a second family (friends that I’ve known for years) in Leeds and last year when I took ill they all came together to look after me and get me back on my feet.

I also love the fact that Leeds has so much to give and we have access to both the countryside and seaside by just hopping on a bus or train.

I just wish I could be happy with how my life has turned out. I was always lead to belive you had only made it in life if you had a career, a house, a husband and kids. I have the house and a job but sadly not the rest. So I’m not sure whether I’ve made it or not. But being single and having a great support group, makes me feel that I am loved even when I don’t love myself.

Thank you for reading



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