My week as @PeopleofLeeds

Find me on Twitter this week taking over an account all about Leeds

Hello from me to you

This is what it is about:

‘Who We Are

‘We are the People of Leeds. All kinds of people, from all over Leeds, coming together on one Twitter account. Based on the amazing @sweden Twitter account, we’re handing the reins of our Twitter account over to the people of Leeds. Each Monday a new person will take the account for a week, bringing you a unique snapshot of living, working and playing in Leeds.’
It started with a Tweet!
About a couple of months ago after talking about Twitter and doing things for the radio, I decided I wanted to do this. No idea why. so I got in touch with Kirsty who runs it and asked if I could do it. I think influentially it was to be late September but it had been popular and decided on Halloween week, not realising I had 12 days off two…

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