Love and Light

I was introduced to Kirsty’s work last year and absolutely love it! If you have a Kindle you can get most works now!!

Rosethorn Ramblings

I’ve just realised I haven’t done a blog post since New Year. Eek! Happy 2018…

My excuse (not that I need one, as I’ve never been able to commit to a blog a week, or even a blog a month) is that I’ve been busy working on two new books. Taken together, the word count is something like 65,000, give or take. So that’s a good chunk of a full-length novel. But the words are split between two novellas: working titles are Watch for me at Christmastime and A Very Schubert Christmas. But these could, of course all change. If you’ve read any of my previous books, you might realise that Watch for me at Christmastime is linked to the Hartsford Mysteries series and A Very Schubert Christmas is part of what I’m fondly calling The Schubert Series, which begins with Every Witch Way. The two books are…

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