365 Day Blog challenge Day 38: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 7 #365daychallenge

Name a thing you love about your body and your personality.

My favourite part of my body is:

I love my lips. Someone once pointed out how lovely and full they are.

As for my personality:

the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character: “she had a sunny personality that was very engaging”

I actually have no idea. I’ve never really focused on myself. I get so annoyed with myself most of the time. Perhaps I’m to trusting and sometimes being naive in some areas. I worry too much and it feels like I am bouncing from one disaster to another. I am stubborn but I suppose it could be the determination to always try my best and learn new things when others say I can’t, I just need to pull myself out of the mind fog/stubburness that I’m not as good as others, first and realise, that I can be good at things, and that’s not a bad thing, I am allowed to be good at running, running book groups, that others may do it better than me but that’s ok, as we all learn differently and that it’s not always as stressful/bad as it seems. Here’s to trying new things in 2018. Cheers!!!!

Thank you for reading



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