Goodbye trusted friend

How on earth do we become so in love/attached, with technology. I finally ordered a new phone after losing my samsung in July and relied on my old sony phone that is probably now 4 years old, and sadly losing battery power each day as I use it to surf the web, check emails, whatsapp, both home and works and of course calls and texts.

I didn’t really get on with my samsung as phones have all got too big these days as it tries to be a mini computer, and I have small hands, and also I tend to type quick and on a massive phone that wasn’t possibly. Anyway I hadn’t had it that long into the contract and had run for the bus one rainy night and found it missing. In one way I was relieved, another annoyed as it couldn’t be claimed on the insurance and because I still had to pay it off. That said I think I bought a cheap nokia to begin with until I got a new sim with phone number and then got my old sony phone unlocked. It’s been a great little companion, especially when running, it fitted neatly into my bumbag.

That said, with the amount of use I had got out of it recently, the cold weather, the battery seemed to be draining quicker. I could have got a new battery, but felt it time to move up a notch. It took me ages to find one and repeated visits to phone shops to check sizes against my old phone. Also trying to get the right deal was difficult. I even nearly changed providers until a cheaper deal came up. But that said I feel a bit of de ja vu coming on, the phone is slightly bigger, I have to wait at least 24 hours for a sim swap, I now need to mess about with tones and get used to another piece of technology, and hope to god it lasts more than a day before I need to recharge it. I’m not holding out much hope.

What do you think about technology and our relationships with it?

Thank you for reading



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