365 Day Blog challenge Day 36: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 5 #365daychallenge

‘What is something you start need saying yes to?’


More days of doing nothing

More days out – even just meeting for a coffee, going for a quick drink

Exploring new things

That when I doubt myself that I should ‘yes, -you can do this, it might not be perfect but at least you tried!’

A day spent in my pajamas.

To accepting help when needed – started this two years ago. Still working on it.

The idea that things are going to work out.

There will always be things that make you anxious, and some decisions will, in fact, be life-changing. But realize that even if you do try to plan everything perfectly, you will inevitably face challenges you couldn’t have predicted. Have enough faith in yourself and the people in your life to believe that, no matter what happens, you’ll figure out how to deal with it and go from there. – Inspritration from here

Thank you for reading




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