‘ Making your way in the world today Takes everything you’ve got.’ #selfcare

When I was young my Dad used to watch Cheers and I gradually learned the theme tune off by heart and it always stuck with me. It has always mean’t something to me to go where I belong as sometimes I’ve felt like I don’t fit. I did a blog recently about it and how the lyrics relate to parkrun.

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Next year marks 20 years of me starting work in retail/customer service, and with only a 6 month break, Customer relations/service is all I really know. It started when I ran out of money with my student loan and I would work two hours before college and at weekends. Then after doing my degree I had a year in a photography job, mainly retail based. I have been in the arts field for 10 years but dealing with the general public. I’m not always good at it but I do love what I do. I love helping people, even if it means they are buying goods, they have bought what they needed.

Over the last few months I haven’t felt like me. I’ve had trouble sleeping, I’ve felt really low,  I’ve not had the energy for most things. I will go work, return home and eat and with in an hour or two I’ve fallen asleep. Take today for example, I was meeting a friend for breakfast, I thought after that I could go to Argos get my pillows, and go home and crash. Instead we were having such a good time we had a wander around Leeds market, then a few other shops, I bought some bookmarks from waterstones, we then went to greggs for a hot chocolate and then to argos as I needed to collect some pillows and he was buying a toilet seat. I saw what he wanted was on offer and suggested I buy one to save him money and hey presto I now have a fish design toilet seat, fitted by myself. Funniest bit was it didn’t fit to start with, then I went online and then reread the instructions and hey presto I have a new toilet seat!!!!

So on the way home another friend, who actually lives a few streets away asked for help with her laptop, I though yeah ok only take an hour, and it would be good for a catch up. Two hours later and we finally crack it and she comes back to mine to pick up so coffee.  While chatting a knock comes to the door, and a young man is stood with an iPad and I say something along the lines of ‘if you want money, I haven’t got any and I don’t want to hand other any info’, however it was the tone that I did it in that made my friend laugh. Apparently not very tactful ‘the old helen is back, hee hee)

Anyway what I realised was, I hadn’t really eaten since the fired breakfast this morning. I had got home and had two bananas, and thought my friend’s problem with the laptop wouldn’t take too long, and I could come home to a toastie. Well of course it didn’t go to plan, and although I didn’t feel like eating, my body quite clearly did and the hunger monster showed its head. It’s funny though, At work, I’ve been trying to eat little and often to keep my energies up even when I haven’t felt like it, and today becuase I was off I really didn’t feel like eating, so perhaps I had over done it and should have eaten more, I just don’t know. But it’s been good. I love Leeds, I love my friends, I love what I have and after getting myself through these last few months, god knows how, I am starting to feel happy again.

I don’t have a lot, I love what I have, and I’m learning things take times and not all things are as important, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be back on my feet ready to take on the next big adventure. In the meantime, I have a new toilet seat, 8 new pillows, two mattress toppers, I’ve dropped a dress size, and two bra sizes and I have a warm house. Tomorrow I am definitely doing nothing, well apart from some washing, other than that I am going to flake out on the sofa.

What’s your plans for the weekend?

Thank you for reading



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