365 Day Blog challenge Day 33: 31 Days of Self-Love: Day 2 #365daychallenge

‘Get rid of a limiting belief that you have about yourself or your abilities’

I don’t think my appearance is anything special. I’ve never felt pretty or beautiful, I’m just me. I’ve had friends who I think are look gorgeous, I am jealous of their looks and dress style and how they appear comfortable in their skin and then there’s me, I feel like ugly duckling. I once broke up with a boyfriend who was younger than me as he told me how gorgeous a friend of mine was several times, and I never thought I could be a beautiful as her. He then regretted what he said a few months later but I couldn’t date him again after what was said.

I’ve never been called beautiful and I don’t think I’m pretty. Although everyone comments on my lips and skin, I’ve rarely worn make up. I used to when I went out as a teenager and then a student, and then I met someone who said I didn’t need it, and I never wore it for work as I always had a physical job, and couldn’t be bothered to reapply it. Then I got out of practice and it doesn’t feel right to wear. Perhaps I need to learn how to do. But start with the minimum.

In a world where magazines/tv all have airbrushed features, everyone appears a size 6 etc, there is so much pressure on how our outsides look. I know I can’t match that, I have short legs, slight knock knees. I carry my weight around my waist and have thick thighs. I have trouble finding trousers to cover my thighs and not be massive around my waist.

Everyone’s idea of beauty is different. I need to find mine and start believeing in myself more.


Thank you for reading



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