365 Day Blog challenge Day 29: I love reading #365daychallenge

Book challenge – to read 38 books in 2018!

Screenshot 2018-01-29 19.41

2+1 = 3 and the 8 put together gives my age – 38

On Goodreads you can set yourself a challenge to how many books are year you intend to read. Now when I was at booklcub this was almost easy to hit as you could guarantee yourself at least 11 of those were already set for 1 a month. But in the past year my reading mojo left me and I haven’t been able to keep up. That is until now, and the fact I lowered my target. Now with the help of my friend Kirsty, and her ideas of a spreadsheet and introducing me to NetGalley and Choclit, Oh and my love of  certain kindle book websites, my local library and my own books I have finally got back into reading. So far this year I have read 5 books and I’m currently reading a novel on my kindle which I’m loving. I intend to make another page on this blog as goodreads doesn’t always have the books on their that I’m reading and I can’t be fussed adding details, or it just might not be possible.

Here’s where I got the inspiration for this post on Kirsty’s blog

One of my favourite books, which I reviewed here

My love of books here


Thank you for reading, I’m now off to continue reading a book in bed



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