Pre- eve – Leeds 10k excitement

Only two more sleeps until Sunday and yesterday I got so excited I miscounted. This has been a year in the planning and yet the training has been quite different to what I expected. Mainly do to shift work and late night working my sleeping pattern has been all over. That said I have also come off the contraceptive pill, one big difference in my body for sure. I am also reducing the anti-depressants and so far 3 months on I feel completely different. Not what I was expecting. I have also changed my diet. In the last month I have cut down on snacking. I don’t have cake or biscuits in the house. For one reason I have to eat it all and another I have tried to respond differently to stress by not eating junk. The only time my body has craved it was when the dreaded PMT turned up and I turned into a stroppy teenager for a few days. My body obviously was crying out for comfort at that point.

However saying that, Although I maybe a stone heavier than last year’s race and I so want to beat 1 hour 5 minutes, a part of me doubt’s I will do it. But you know what? I don’t care. I just want to take part. I have a feeling I may need to stop a points. I am working on the mentality of slowing down and stopping when need to, but this morning I managed to get myself to slow right down and run slow and steady. I think I managed it to a point before I had to realise I couldn’t go as far as yesterday and my body was ready to rest. But that’s ok, not every run is going to be great. And that’s why on Sunday i just want to soak up the atmosphere. After recently joining a run club (need to officially join soon though) I have been able to run 9-11 minute miles and I am so pleased with that. Leeds 10ks are always hot but always have a great atmosphere and with this one being extra special, (not that last year’s wasn’t) with how far I have come this last 12 months, what will be will be.

So please help me raise money for the PDSA, yes I am fundraising again in 2 months but this is so important to me. I have found my purpose. I can’t have pets due to the rent agreement and with me working it would not be fair. But in some way or another I am always near our furry friends, so please dig deep. They give us so much for so little in return.

For my boy:

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