Community Spirit in the park

Yesterday I volunteered at Cross Flatts Park Parkrun. I knew from the beginning of the week the shift before wouldn’t be a fun one and I was right. The lack of sleep proved this as I couldn’t sleep until 3 and I was back up at 6am.

Parkrun (see here for your local one ) is a free event held in various parks across the country. You can walk it, jog it or run it. It’s run solely by volunteers every week. From  pre-set up, marshelling on corners, to giving out tokens so people can get their times. It’s such a brilliant idea and people of all ages and fitness meet every Saturday morning for a 9am start to complete a 5k race.

Yesterday, a lady came to Parkrun to tell us about the events going on on a Sunday and asking if anyone would like to help. Today was about a folk band and next week it’s a dog show. I put myself forward for both. Today, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but to see the park come alive in such a way was an amazing thing to see. People giving up their time to create an event for people to go to on a Sunday afternoon. There was craft events for the children and face painting. Book and bric-a-brac sales. The group also provided homemade cake and supplied tea and coffee for as little as a £1 each.

I helped set up the chairs and tables then I spent most of the afternoon helping in the kitchen, by washing up and then collecting pots and plates. I also got chance to listen to the folk band. It was so beautiful and uplifting.

Today’s music was Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson Folk Band. Two amazing gentleman playing some beautiful music. Sadly I can’t upload the videos but if you follow this link to Spotify you can hear some of their music.

As with yesterday the talk did go to the fact that not enough people volunteer. Not enough people give up their time for events like these or park runs but somehow they’re always pulled off and everyone has a great time. I throughly enjoyed today and it made me realise how much I enjoy helping people. And that my next goal is to find something, whether it is work or my own time. I need to find something that enables me to get the feeling I’ve had over the weekend. I just don’t know how.

But I do know is that if you do have the time, even an hour to spare just go volunteer. It’s a great experience and you get to meet some amazing people. And in nearly all of my experinces there is always cake!

Find out more of what is going on at Cross Flatts Park here

Also here at South Leeds Life

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