‘Hips High’

I was going to write this after my second club run with the Hyde Park Harriers on Tuesday and I don’t know why I didn’t. I had an amazing day. During the day I learnt that I need to listen more to the advice I give to others and use it on myself. Like on Saturday at Parkrun when it was raining and I encouraged someone to do the route when they were unsure. They did it, and although she blamed me she was pleased she did it. Fingers crossed she goes back.

So in group 1, which I love. We went for a run down the canal. Leeds has so many hidden gems. With other groups promising a visit to the farm and seeing pigs, we saw a couple fo swans with their baby, a builder drinking tea, loads of lily pads and some fantastic scenery. We covered 3.7 miles and I returned with a smile on my face. I loved being a part of something that shows everyone’s ability, regardless of age and size. It’s bloody fantastic.

One of the tips the leader Liz, kept shouting was keep your hips high, now this sounded strange to me. But apparently some famous runners use it and it also helps to stretch you out and breathe better. I think that’s what it does. Well today I used it on my run and on the uphill bits is does actually make a difference, I managed to control my breathing more and I got further up the hill before stopping.


In less then 3 weeks it’s my first race of the year. I realsie I might not get a faster time as I hoped, but I’m beginning to realise I can travel the distance, I just need to go steady on the first 5k as that seems to be the toughest for me at the moemnt. Today I have managed 8km as I needed to drop off keys for work. Tomorrow I am volunteering at Cross Flatts Park Park run with the intention afterwards to go for a long run before work. It gives me a chance to wake up and also see some incredible people do their own thing.

So really this is a little thank you to some amazing people and a big HURRAH to me for getting out there. Running is my thing. I just keep forgetting that it does me a world of good what ever the distance.

Thank you for reading





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