Miles Managed

So last week was not a good week for running. Well I didn’t get out until the end of the week. I had chickened out of a parkrun at the beginning of the week thinking I wasn’t going to run at all then on Thursday and Friday managed to freedom parkruns.

On Saturday I enjoyed volunteering, it brought a smile back to my face. Then after a catch up in the cafe and token sorting. I also heard some wise words form an old friend and some inspiration from two parkrunners who have been completing marathons.

The main one is that whilst at running don’t see walking as a failure. Power walk when need to as its your body asking for a rest/breather and you may find you can go further. So on Sunday I thought I would try go for another 5k and rather than stop and walk home, I thought I would try to do a circuit or two of the park, and hey presto a 10k was completed in an hour and 14 minutes.

There are little things that are keeping me going whilst in the park, like seeing the gentleman with his Alsatian dog Angel. She is absolutely beautiful and I first saw her on the day I got me cross flatts parkrun PB and ever since then I am so pleased to spot her I seem to feel lighter when running.

I was reminded of the fact that running makes me feel good and also that I have done 10k’s in an hour and that’s when it hit me that I wanted that back again. Of course the voice in my head said I was a lot older and heavier but I have decided to ignore that.

Regardless of what happens in 4 weeks when my first 10k comes up I am going to give it my best. I will be out everyday running when I can and I will do my 10th parkrun in a decent time. It just has to be done. Plus there’s a new pair of running trainers if I complete maybe two.

What I forgot to mention is, as you can see from the photos, I’ve finally dug the medals out and decided not to hide them anymore. After seeing a post on Facebook about a homemade medal hanger I decided to create one of my own. The guy used his old race numbers and I just thought I couldn’t bring myself to do that as one day I want to frame them, so I googled a couple and then thought as I’m a massive Harry Potter Fan lets see if there is anything. And lo and behold there is a Hogwarts virtual race online. Plus some other people have created a similar thing to what I had seen on Facebook and I decided to give it ago.

On Sunday I went to B&Q to find the offcuts section and came across a piece of skirting board. Cost me £1.80. I used a tester pot from wilkos which I’d been using on the walls, a dozen teabags and some permanent markers. It took a couple of attempts as I didn’t like the writing and voila. A masterpiece. It may just need some holes drilling in it so I can hang it more securely. So instead of £25 for a medal hanger its cost me about £4 and I’ve had fun making it.

So thank you to the guy on FB for the inspiration, I absolutely love my medal hanger.

Thank you for reading






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