Attention Potterheads: There’s a New Harry Potter Shop That Needs to be on Your Bucketlist RN!

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Accio passport!

york-harry-potter-shop-shambles-shelves-780x520 Photograph courtesy of: YorkMix

Admit it, as muggles, all of us at some point have wondered what it would be like to visit the cobblestone alleys in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Walking past the bustling crowd in the narrow, winding streets of Diagonal Alley to buy some quills or Floo powder or to pick up the new pet owl before leaving for Hogwarts.

Fret not, The Shop That Must Not be Named is here to let you fulfill that dream now.

york-harry-potter-shop-shambles-exterior-780x520 Photograph courtesy of: YorkMix

The one-stop-shop for Harry Potter fans opened on 9th May this year in The Shambles, York, a city in  northeast England.

Owned by one Adam Rodway, the store sells everything from wands, Harry Potter uniforms and broomsticks to sorting hats, jewelry, mugs and notebooks.

What’s more, the shop’s official merchandise also includes a life-size sword of Godric Gryffindor!


The Shambles is…

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