Home is where the heart is


Home is where the heart is.

something that you say which means that your true home is with the person or in the place that you love most
What a month May is becoming. Lots of positive changes. Today I had planned a ‘me’ day. Yes I’m as shocked as you are. But with this job, I’m doing various shifts and sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I’ll have a set of set shifts only for them to change. Last week I clocked up 50 hours.
I’m the girl who can’t say no.
Last week at Parkrun, my local, I got an aamzing time of 35 minutes. I was so proud. It has a killer hill.  This week I was going to do it again. Friday was my day off and I spent it with my good friend Kirsty and we ended up exploring an area of Leeds which has some amazing sites and bored cows. For my ‘me’ day it was to be on Sunday. I was going to go into town and see my friends do the Leeds Half Marathon and while they were out doing the course I would be sat in the pub eating a full english and reading a book.  Well what did happen was that yesterday I got to spend time at woodhouse moor, where parkrun began for me, and I ran it and I loved it. I got a call in the cafe asking for me to starter later which I agreed, as I could stay longer with friends and within seconds of that call, my results came through. I GOT A PB! I was so chuffeed and still am chuffed.
Today was just about being out of the house and in town and absorbing the atmosphere. I ended up with 2 hours sleep and found myself walking into town at 7am with the thought of a full english on my mind.
With breakfast done a friend had sent a messsage, so I grabbed my coffee to go (that sounds american) and went to meet him. I had a feeling I wouldn’t see my other friends, but I was there soaking up the atmosphere.
So by 9:30am I was ready in my spot to shout as all the runners went past, but of course with every race I’ve attended there was a 10 minute delay. But it was amazing. I looved every minute of it.
So off I went to look at some running gear, grabbed a coffee and headed back to the finish. By 10.30 I was in postion on the finish straight ready to cheer. What happened to me sitting still this morning?? Anyway All of a sudden a few runners came in and then that’s when everyone started cheering. Behind me were some people from Newcastle who got excited as I grew up in Spennymoor. Amazing how a big race event can bring people form all over.
As for the weather, it was gradually getting hotter and like in the London Marathon there were some poor sould who started to fail at the end. One poor chap collapsed on the floor and was attended to. What anoyyed the rest of us was an old lady asking the paremdic to move out the way so she could see. I don’t think she mean’t harm but it was such a worrying moment for the guy.
So after seeing a few of my friends come in, anxiety kicked in and I thought I had missed my friend. I felt like I failed her. I hadn’t, if I had missed her I would have still been there for her. However I didn’t. All of a sudden the red shirt came around the corner and I yelled her name at the top of my voice.
I am so proud of what my friends have achieved over the last few days. It’s an amazing thing.

I  got a PB!!!!!

I’m proud of myself to. I got a pb at parkrun yesterday.  I have been hit and miss with training but I have also changed my diet which is a massive help.  My doctor has also noticed my efforts resulting in weight loss and the gradual inprovbement of my vitamin D levels. Only 3 months to go and I should be above the normal levels. Fingers crossed.
So if like me you have 3 races this year, and you have it in your head that you must run every single step, STOP. Listen to your body. I got some great advice yesterday. You are not a failure if you go for a run and you walk some of it. You are giving your body a chance to recover. Oh and its ok to waste a day on the sofa doing nothing, it really is. So I need to stop beating myself up and get out there, or if I feel crap, lay on the sofa and watch tv or do something. Because everything is going to be ok. Because I’m home.
Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard,
Said, no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars, yeah we’ll be counting stars
Raising Money in July for PDSA. This is my new favourite top.
My Personal Best! look at that. A few things happpened yesterday.
  • I got to start later at work
  • Stay and chat to some lovely people
  • I gained a PB!
  • I ran 5km!!!
  • I got some good advice.
  • Someone came up to me and told them the words on the back of my shirt got them to carry on. (see above) and said thank you to me.
  • Another lady said she loved my tattoo and saw it while I was running.
  • I felt I found my place. Here in Leeds. I belong here.


I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, agreed politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything
And I wonder if you noticed how many times I said PB.
Thank you for reading

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