Why the hell not……

It’s 4 weeks until my first 10k of the year and yesterday was my first 5k parkrun in months. I didn’t realise I left it that long to do one. Life has been hectic. Take yesterday for example. I did the parkrun in the morning followed by initially of 7 hours to then 11 hour shift as I ended up doing over time. So most of the day on my feet. I was lucky enough to get a lift home. But unfortunately I ended up with only 4 hours sleep due to some numpty on the street being locked out and constantly knocking.

Anyway. Another 6 hour shift today. Sunday is a pain for buses but I managed to catch them. It was so boring today as few customers after 2pm. I ended up getting really fidgety and ended up finding myself emptying bins, cleaning chairs and tables and then the walls. That’s when I realised something was up. I normally get this feeling when I’ve been amongst friends and family. Sudden realisation I’m going to be on my own and everything is quite. A sense of dread. So on the bus home I decided to go for a run. I recently purchased a set of bluetooth earphones and thought I’d try them out and see if I could get Spotify to work. And work it did.

My friend Kirsty got me into Pirate Metal a few months ago. When I hurt my knee in 2013 when I hurt my knee, a physio said if you are running you need something with a beat, something like a bit of heavy metal. Well in recent years I’ve been on off using mp3 players. and this last year nearly not at all. But tonight I felt the need for music and a run. I had no idea what to do with myself. So as a result I just ran 4km straight. I could have gone further but I hit a hill and my legs were hurting. The main thing is my head was clear and I felt happy, or like a cloud had lifted. It maybe a short term fix, but at least tomorrow I can try have a lie in and know I just nearly ran a 10k in a weekend. GO me!

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