The London Marathon


Amazing stories from The London Marathon here and here

Find your local Parkrun here

Song of the day. I didn’t realise it was 10 years old. It’s one of my favourite songs

So what did you do today? Sunday is known as a day of rest. Well I think I managed to do just that with only an hour worth of housework, as I had to do 3 loads of washing due to working late & long shifts this week.

I sat and watched the London Marathon from start to finish. I was blown away by the distance, the amount of people and the courage and bravery people had. It made em feel quite humble. At one point they showed a guy had collapsed towards the end and a fellow runner stopped and helped him to the finish line. The other thing I noticed, which I keep beating myself up about is sometimes people were having to stop and walk, including an elite athlete who got stomach cramps towards the end.

This week I managed to achieve some distances I didn’t think I would, realising I could do this using the area I live in, and making sure I do a mini dvd workout to warm up before hand, I’ve got further than I thought. However two late shifts and sleeping in and being late for work broke me. Hence why today I tried to be kind to myself and sit and watch TV.

So what have I learn’t? Well, for one, what I need to remember is to listen to my body not my head. I need to rest more and now when I’m out running and I’ve hit a hill I talk to myself, ‘lets get to the blue car’ ‘now the lampost’ and so on. I used to have an ipod to listen to a few years ago, I would only run to music. But when I restarted running last year, a lot heavier and sweatier I kept losing the earphones and eventually gave up. I now run without music and love it, instead I sing/talk to myself and I’m fully aware of my surroundings. I love it.

I’m really looking forward to the Great North Run and I’m wondering whether in 3 years when I am 40, I could try the London Marathon. I really want to get back to the fitness of when I did the 3 10ks in a year and I would love to do something so big for my 40th year. I might even find races to make the miles to 40 over the course of the year. Now there’s a challenge. Oh and there was a woman called Helen running with a dragon on her back, maybe a sign?


The shift work I’m doing is killing me. I’m sat watching the London marathon and dug out my £1 planner I got ages ago when out with Kirsty so have put it to good use. Nothing set in concrete as shifts are constantly changing.




I’ve been trying to sort myself out after a really tough week. I’ve just been given homemade ginger biscuits and told that my neighbours dad has prostrate cancer. I felt like a bit of an idiot when my issues are to do with me not coping well with stress and there’s someone who might lose a loved one. We all have different challenges. I just wish mine would sort itself out.

2017-04-17 09.01
One from last week


Something I’m not doing lately

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