Just Breathe


We’re 5 months away from the Great North Run and 48 days until my first 10k in just under a year. Yikes.

I’ve been going out on a morning and managing about a couple of miles walk/running and in the last week have gradually built it up to around 2 miles.

Last night I built a route on a website thinking it was a round 5k and it was just short.

However I ran majority of the way with two hills at seperate times defeating me. I nearly got knocked over by a cyclist turning the corner on a path near a pub and that’s where I ended up running down Dewsbury Road with a lovely woman having a chat about how far each of us run. Apparently she runs up and down Dewsbury road twice a week. She told me she has 3 kids and tries to get them to Junior Parkrun on a Sunday and through the week tries to run herself going up Dewsbury road then returning home. If she does that she’s happy.

This year I’ve not used headphones as they keep falling out of my ears, so I’ve got used tor running without music and it’s amazing. This morning I was singing to myself the tune of Elton John -I’m still standing. Then I was chatting away to myself as one point I forgot to breathe and a voice said in my head ‘remember your ankle!’. My ankle? I replied, ‘yes what’s on it!” ‘Oh yeah my tattoo – ‘Just breathe’. At that point I kept repeating, just breathe girl, just breathe and then that’s when I nearly collided with a cyclist and met the lovely woman running down the hill.

So after this morning I felt amazing. I had done a mini workout by Nell McAndrew in my house, before setting off on route. I’ve not warmed up like this before I think that maybe the issue in why I don’t get far, apart from the voice in my head telling me its too hard.

At Parkrun, which ever you go to you see people doing a lap before the actual run, and now I understand why. I normally to the Park Run but now I think I need to concentrate on warming them old muscles up.

I’ve also set myself a 30 day running challenge. I did a 30 day positivity photo challenge on Facebook and have decided to do a few different ones, one themed with running. So all I need to do now is up date my Fund-raising pages and away we go.

So if you have any hints or tips let me know. I just can’t believe I stopped running and really need to remember how much fun it is.

Thank you for reading




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