R.I.P my boy, you were my hero

Last week on my flying visit to Mum’s I found out my boy, our Milo had sadly passed away. He was 16 years old.

It broke my heart to hear this, but he had lived a fantastic life. I just wish I had seen him one last time. He was such a character.

When I left home in 1999, we still had our Keegan, Our first dog. Who was also quite a character. I felt safe with him around, we could go play football in the field and he would be around, and then come out of no where to charge at the ball. Then on one of my trips home, I was told he had got ill and had passed away. The house was so quiet.

I went back off to college and a few months later (I think) the family introduced our Milo.      I wasn’t keen at first after losing Keegan in such a way and I think Milo knew this. I wasn’t ready to get attached again, and I think Milo knew this. He then won my heart. And I glad he did.

Ever since then we had a bond which I loved. He never saw me that often but when he did we had an amazing bond. On a morning he would want to go straight out for a walk without me having breakfast, he would demand cuddles. Best bit was when I was staying with the boyfriend at the time and we shared a hug, Milo didn’t like that and sat in between us. I couldn’t help laughing.

For a little dog, he had a big heart and a big character and he helped our family so much. I just can’t thank him enough.

So Milo, if you’re watching, I love you and miss you,and Thank you for being our little sodpot. Oh and look after our Keegan for us.

Love you loads.



Thank you for reading



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