Top 5 running bits of 2016

and here’s my inspiration. If it wasn’t for this lovely lady I wouldn’t have found the magic of parkrun


2016 has been a great year of running, with a number of firsts for me. It used to always be about getting faster and bashing out the same events, but this year has been much more varied. I’ve done 2 trail half marathons, which I’ve decided I like because no-one expects you to run up a steep, woody incline when it’s been raining for 3 days and nobody cares if you’re 20 minutes slower than your last race. I’ve spent more Summer Sunday mornings running in the woods (or walking if we’re lost) with mates, then finding a cafe for enormous cake, and not giving a crap how far we’ve gone. And thanks to training for a marathon, I’ve done more adventurous long distances, only to find I can’t go anywhere without seeing at least 3 runners I know.

However, here’s my top 5 running moments of 2016, inspired by

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