2016 in review

Wow, next week is Christmas!!! Where did that come from??? 2016 has been a very unusual year. Lots of celebrity deaths, some have come as quite a shock to the world. In my case loss of friendships, jobs, but gained lots of knowledge through various lessons.

I’m ending 2016 on a high, or I feel I am. Although I have had to give up book club, something I love and treasure, have tried to look after myself, to better myself, I’ve made mistakes elsewhere. But I’ve learned so much and have gained some things/memories I never thought possible.

I ran the Leeds 10k in a fantastic time, I raised more money then I could dream of and the support was just amazing. I have entry into the great north run next year and that sets me on another adventure. Also I will be running again, something I should never have stopped doing but let life and self talk get in the way.

The one lesson I will take from this, is its ok to ask for help. As much as I felt ashamed sometimes and as much as I worried people would lose patience with me, everyone pulled out all the stops for me and I felt so humbled. I felt proud to be me and to be a part of something. Especially the Parkrun family. I can’t thank them enough. And to know they will be there at a drop of an email or just to visit on a Saturday morning and know I’m welcome, has meant so much to me.

Then there’s my small group of friends. How they have let me chat and cry, how they have helped with my homework in cases, the support is incredible, and they have become more like family to me. And then there is my family, what a tower of strength they have been along with Milo, even if he did go on hunger strike when I looked after him, he’s always pleased to see me and loves to go out for walks any time of the day. I always miss him when I leave Mum’s to come back home, mainly because it’s so quiet when I return.


So as we leave another year behind us, I’ve started doing something to remind myself of the positive things. I started a gratitude jar at the beginning of the year and didn’t get very far with it. I’ve now started writing down in a notebook, 10 positive things or 10 things I’m grateful for that have happened during the day. It’s tough and sometimes I use really simple things, but I think it works, here is what I have so far:

Gratitude List so far:

16/12/16- 10 things I’m grateful for today.

1. The market in town having Christmas jumpers.
2. Getting the last penguin jumper.
3. Having heating anf hot water.
4. Not having a physical disability.
5. Ability to learn new things.
6. Colleague buying me some chips.
7. Able to watch murder she wrote
8. Having a Saturday off to meet mum
9. Catching the connection in town to home.
10. Clean bed to crawl into

17/12/16 -10 things I’m grateful for:

1.Jane doing a surprise visit.
2. spending the day with family.
3. Having a treat day as Jane called it.
4. Good weather
5. Having a Saturday off.
6. Not working in retail at this time of year.
7. Finding a little cafe off a side street and having fish finger sandwich. (very good food)
8. finding to boxsets of Murder she wrote for a very good price.
9. Ability to sign up for the Leeds 10k 😀
10. my house

19/12/16 – 10 things I’m grateful for:

2. Amazing training day
3. Meeting people in the same boat as me.
4. realising everything is ok.
5. Being able to talk to Mum on the phone.
6 Being able to fill my fridge with food.
7. Being able to wash my clothes in my own machine
8. finishing work early and doing some shopping
9. Chance to give a present as a thank you for the help, and seeing their delight in receiving it.
10. Sitting in my PJ’S at 6pm eating a microwave curry. (6mins to heat up tea)

And what a difference a year makes………

2015 review

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you for reading.



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