9 miles

So on Friday I met with my lovely friend Kirsty. Hadn’t see her in a while as she is busy with her new job. She’s having an amazing time and I’m so proud of her. You may know a few years back we met at a community radio station and began to present a book club show for the station.

We had decided during the week to spend the day together and go and explore Rodley Nature Reserve, weather permitting. It got to Friday, the weather didn’t seem to bad and off I set to go meet Kirsty at the bus stop. We had a 40 minute bus ride through different towns in Leeds and I forgot how beautiful Yorkshire can be.

When we got there, we hit a snag. neither of us had checked the opening times and I assumed it would be open everyday, but it was not. So we decided to take the path along the canal towards Horsforth. Except we never ended up in Horsforth, we ended up in Bradford.

How did you manage that I hear you ask. Well, we were enjoying the chatting the wandering and picked a couple of wrong paths, forgot the changing weather and the it getting dark earlier, so we took routes we thought, attempted location on our phones and ended up coming out into a cul de sac to find we didn’t recognise the bus numbers. Hence we had wandered close to Bradford.

I highly recommend being spontaneous, just a few pointers:

  •  If you need any type of support on your limbs, be prepared and carry some. (I didn’t think we’d walk 9 miles so didn’t think to take it.)
  • On that note make sure you have the right footwear, the right clothing. Canvas shoes and jeans aren’t the greatest thing for comfort.
  • Remember to have a bottle of water and a few snacks, incase you can’t stop at a cafe or pub
  • get a regional ticket ( like a West Yorkshire day rider etc)
  • Let someone know where you are if its getting late.
  • Have a full battery on your phone, or carry one of those spare battery things.
  • But most of all have fun and stay safe.

The funniest bit of the whole day was sleep. I thought I would have had a great night sleep with all that exercise and fresh air. I had no coffee when I got home yet I was wide awake in 4 hours of falling asleep and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Complete madness!

Yet I got some fantastic photos along the way, had fantastic company and ate a pub called Moody Cow and although my sandwich didn’t look as epic as Kirsty’s it still tasted nice.

So go out there and explore. It’s a lot of fun. Just wear the proper shoes 😀

Thank you for reading



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