I’m happy because…

I took a chance, it didn’t work out and I learned a valuable life lesson or two.  That being an adult isn’t always easy. Especially a single female one who just keeps having bad luck.

I haven’t blogged for a while because everything was going well, and when things like that happen I’m scared I might jinx it. Crazy I know, but it’s an old habit from childhood and if you have followed my blog you would know why.

Apparently standing up for yourself or trying to get people to see things from your point of view, is often not tolerated or liked. Or if you enter a well established pack, be aware breaking the ice isn’t always easy and you might just have to accept it wasn’t to be.

This year has seen a lot of changes, again. I have tried to improve myself by going to the gym and before July had started training again for the Leeds 10k. An event I wanted to do to get fit again and to raise money for charity. From August things went downhill and changes happened and I found myself doing something different and the fitness regime went out the window….again.

In recent weeks I managed a 5k run at Bramley and again the exercise dried up. Well apart from walking to and from the city centre on occasions. One day I clocked up 13 miles. Almost a dry run for next year’s Great North Run.

But now I find myself again with my life upside down and not knowing whether I’m coming or going, I found that I have some amazing support in both family, friends and four -legged furry friends. And that what I really need is to stop my mind telling me to sleep more and to instead jump out of bed and do a walk/run/crawl and get some bloody exercise woman!

So my advice to you, always learn new skills. READ books, anything, absorb information. Be polite to everyone. Although don’t expect it back. Enjoy the little things like someone fetching you a coffee or saying hello. Go out and volunteer. Whether to help marshal at an event on a sunny, cold October morning, or think of how you can help someone, a colleague, a friend achieve their goals. It’s the little things that count, that make the big things work. Most places forget about the little people, but they’re just as important to keep the cogs working.

Because a simple thing like a chat, a smile, a coffee or a meal could mean the world of difference, even if they have the world on their shoulders, they might just like the distraction and a friendly face.



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