Great North Run now in 2017

Well what a year. I found in my diary, something I must have written when I first got it in December 2015 …

2016- the year for big changes

What I want to know is how did I know?????? We’re now past the half way point of 2016.

I ran the Leeds 10k in an hour and five mins fifty seconds, raising £315 for Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I landed a place in the Great North Run. Then I got a job at a top leading university’s student union. I’m still in shock over it all. I think my body is to as it finally gave in over the weekend and caught a nasty virus which has left me not wanting to eat much and being put off my food. I have lost  a bit of my hearing so I don’t know if this will go when the virus totally clears or whether I need to see the doctor or not.

Unfortunately with this all going on I found it difficult to get out and run or even go to the gym, so lying in bed with earache and not being able to swallow from a sore throat, I eventually contacted both the CF Trust and the Great North Run to see If I could defer. I got the most amazing response and now I can relax, look forward to a big event next year which will match my Leeds 10k experience.


So I finally learnt how to take a step back, look after myself, most of all put myself first and voilà everything is changing for the better. I hope I can make this work. As whatever I’m doing now has quite clearly not worked and that’s been my biggest regret in 2016.

Thank you for reading



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