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Today was the Leeds 10k. Something I signed up for in the beginning of the year to get myself motivated, become healthy and to honour a good friend.

It’s 4 years I think to the last 10k. It was York and I did it on my own, not for any reason, just because I wanted to do it. I have been doing things for others to raise money that I thought it was a bout time to do something for me. I have had some great support from people and have raised more than I can imagine to.

I’ve found training difficult. I’m 4 years older and at least 4 stone heavier since I did the last batch of 10ks. This time around I have joined a gym, as I found it really difficult to get out on the road whilst doing an 8.5 hour shift. With everything else going on, I’ve felt so tired and I haven’t been coping with stress very well. In fact not at all, feeling distracted by some, finding it really difficult to get out of bed on a morning.

Last week I went to a running club and it wasn’t quite what I thought. Good practice, for improving strength and speed but sadly I should have realised grass is not my friend for running surfaces and I triggered an old injury. I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to walk the next morning and almost called in sick, instead I didn’t and got loads of different sprays and creams and took some painkillers which seemed to work throughout the day.

I also dug out my old physio notes and kept doing things at work like standing on one leg. On Friday night I did a lap around the park and everything seemed OK. Yesterday I did a lot of walking and again no problem. and so to the big day.

I had planned to walk in, so I got a bit of warm up and could test the knee. I had a support on my knee and wanted to see how it fared. I was all ready to run for it until I got in the pen and thought better of it and put it back on.

Apart from being lucky with my knee, I had some great support from my friend Kirsty who sat in the pub from an early start with my gear, my sprays, change of clothes, food etc. Just incase I couldn’t get anything when I got back, and if it decided to rain or not. Then there was the support at the half way point from my two lovely friends Rick and Becky. It was amazing to see them.

The strangest thing is, as I got up this morning I was thinking about the doctor’s appointment in the morning and whether I should see about sick leave for stress as I don’t think this last week has been too good and I feel I’ve come to a standstill with this vitamin D. Then as I was walking into town this song popped in my head, but with different words….

take dog days and replace with dark days 😀

All it kept singing was..’The dark days are over, The dark days are done’ over and over and then a big smile came across my face. I told myself I will be ok, what ever happens today, I will be ok.

I met Kirsty and  unloaded my bag on her gave her money for breakfast, least I could do and then I left to find the waiting pens. I don’t know how many times I went to the toilet but I ended up going again just before I went to get in the line up. which then lasted another 45 mins before anything happened and a supposed warm up. didn’t really see much on the bend. I saw the start, posted it on fb, so I could remember roughly when I set off, and away we went. Once again I cannot believe how many people bolted off. I was trying my hardest not to get tripped up and then down on Wellington street I had to stop briefly to check my shoelace and then a bit further on nearly got clattered into, apart from this I kept a steady pace, saw my friends at the half way point, smiled majority of the way, high-fived some kids and did my best to sprint in in the last few metres avoiding the guy dressed as sweetcorn, no way was he beating me. And then everything went a bit fuzzy after that. I got my goody bag went to look for the medal engraving (too long a queue and went back later), rang my mum and then found Kirsty, said hello what my time might be possibly around 1hour 15 as I came in at 1 hour 22, got changed and went to order food. It was at this point I realised a message had come through I didn’t recognise and found my time had come through of……

1 hour 5 mins 50 seconds


I’m so pleased how this has turned out. So much emotion has been dealt with, I fully enjoyed the run, the weather was ok, but warm at times, and I loved going through the hose at the fire station. The volunteers, marshalls did an amazing job, and all that worry of 4 years ago and the horrid 10k  I did melted away.
Now I move onto the Great North Run, which now feels like a breeze. Just need to sort the training plan out, but first I will revel in being a Leeds  10k Princess and adore my medal.
Once again Thank you for all the support and sponsor money. It’s been amazing.
Thank you for reading