6 weeks to go to Leeds 10k

‘6 weeks or 40 days until I do the Leeds 10k. EEKs hopefully first park run will be on 18th of June 13312674_1742501669330285_2329250878719312121_nand it’ll be a breeze. Good thing I joined a gym to.’

Doesn’t time fly! In the last week I’ve joined a gym, forgot how much I love using a treadmill, and realised how much more I can do if the weather is bad by going to the gym. I might just have to have a kit at work at all times from now on and then I can go when I’ve not planned to.

As for monies raised, after Mum and my sister gave me £20 in cash and a friend donated online I’m now up to £200. This has not been about how much money I can raise. It’s about honouring a friend, making people aware of the disease and most of all making a happier healthier, fitter me.

This vitamin D deficiency has effected me more than I thought. However, changing the diet, 80% healthy 20% bad is starting to show some results. Just need to sort out how I deal with stress and we’re sorted. It’s funny, I thought I could fall back into the running. I knew my body was a different shape and size, and given time I’d be able to adjust, but it’s the mental side, the chatter telling me I can’t do it, the memories of what happened around the lst set of 10ks which I know I haven’t dealt with as they resurface. Why do we do it to ourselves?

So with 6 weeks to go, either online or donations given to me I hope to raise awareness not just of Cystic Fibrosis but depression and loss to. I miss Carly everyday and wonder if she was here today, what would we be up to.

So if you wish to sponsor me now for the Leeds 10k go here

And I look forward to September and the Great North Run and see how much has changed.

Thank you for reading



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