The EU IN/OUT debate – an unexpected family agreement.


If I was a political animal (which I am), I’d say I was a medium sized friendly llama. I am interested, and there are things I believe in deeply which I never tire of discussing, but I’m not a barking dog or anything aggressive. I’d choose a donkey, such patient and useful (suitably vegetarian) creatures, were it not for the connotations in the USA. If I lived over there, I’d be too far left to be a Democrat, although I’m right behind the man I’ve chosen to call Uncle Bernie (no actual relation, but it’s so nice to have another reference when people ask how to spell my surname. The Colonel from KFC has had his day).
I have just had a very enjoyable and animated Skype conversation with both of my parents about the EU referendum. Our politics are VERY different but they brought me up to speak up…

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