62 Days and counting #Leeds10k -my running hero

Today was the Leeds Half Marathon. One of my closet friend’s was running it. I was going to see her come in at the end and she had told me what time she expected to arrive. But something this morning made me want to see her set off and I walked into town. I got there with minutes to spare and saw her set off. I was chuffed to bits. She didn’t see me but it made me feel so proud and happy, not just for her but for me to have a little faith in myself.

Caroline is one of the reasons I wanted to get back into running. A couple of years back while working at the university I started to visit Park Run held at Hyde Park (Leeds). I belive it’s called Woodhouse Park run. I started taking photographs of people running then became involved in volunteering. Volunteers are just as important as runners in any race that happens.  I’ve gone off track. After visiting the Parkruns and going for coffee with Caroline afterwards I met a whole new set of people, another small community just like book club.

Caroline and I

I’ve gone off track. Caroline and I have know each other on and off for around 8 years. Funny thing is it was running that brought us back together and I have done my best to make sure I’m at most if not all of her big races. I’m proud to have Caroline as a friend as I am of all of my friend’s. What’s more amazing is this lovely person had achieved some amazing things,  after breaking her ribs after a bike accident, (i think) She has got herself back to fitness and not only does she run 5k at park run nearly every Saturday, but she managed to do the Leeds half Marathon and saved time off her PB, in soaring heat on a Sunday morning.

Caroline told me today one of her running heroes is a 72 old lady. Mine is Caroline. I have started running again and found it so hard to get myself going.  Like her a lot has changed for me since 2012’s Leeds 10k. I feel like I’m starting from scratch but pulling a massive stone behind me, which is actually stopping me getting anywhere.

To be able to see Caroline run today and talk to her about what’s happening with my training has made me realise that I can do this. I just need to lift the pressure and get rid of this stone. However I complete this 10k in July, whether I walk it or run it, I have to remember why I am doing it and that’s to say thank you to my friend Carly. Carly died of Cystic Fibrosis in 2001. I have fund-raised for other causes but it’s time to do one for me, and this is it. All monies raised will go back up north towards Team Jack. A six year old boy suffering from the same condition. So, if you start struggling while exercising, just remember, others do to, it’s just we don’t like to talk about it when the bottom line is, we really should.

So thank you Caroline for being my running hero and thank you for letting me cheer you on today. xxx

Thank you for reading

Here is the reason I’m running the Leeds  10k



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