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I’m running the Leeds 10k in memory of my friend.


Our Story-TeamJack


I met Carly at college. We were around 17/18 We were both doing the GNVQ Art and Design at Bishop Auckland. We all had our own little units and were a little family. We would spend breaks and dinners together.

You see, This girl, woman was incredible. She took me for who I was, we were thick as thieves but there was a shadow over our friendship. Carly had Cystic Fibrosis. I never saw the illness I saw the person. I adored her and can’t believe I let her down when I moved to Middlesbrough to do my HND and didn’t stay in touch enough. Yes we wrote letters , but I didn’t come back enough to go out and spend time with her. Carly at the time had to repeat her course because she had taken a bit of time off.

Any time Carly got a cold it would knock her for six. But she still tried her hardest to finish her art course until the illness got the better of her and her body couldn’t take it any more. I lost her in February 2000. She was 20

So this Race is for her. And for me to say  Thank you.

Where the money is going: Team Jack

Jack is 6. He was diagnosed at 3 weeks. Although Jack looks like any normal 6 year old, on the inside he is fighting to stay alive. He finds it hard to do what we all take fur granted every day. He fights to simply breathe. Jack takes upwards of 33 tablets a day. Two hours of hard physio and this is when he is well!! At any time a chest infection can have him admitted to hospital for weeks of intensive and invasive treatments. So much for a 6 year old to go through abs even harder knowing the NHS have declined the wonder drug orkimbi (please spell check), Our fight is to let people know what cf is, how people live with this horrible condition and how it’s beatable together xx

Cystic fibrosis is a life-limiting inherited condition caused by a faulty gene that controls the movement of salt and water in and out of cells. This causes mucus to gather in the lungs and digestive system and creates a range of challenging symptoms.

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Project Helen: Leeds 10K

About two weeks ago I was visiting my Mum up north and I came down with a cold or virus, and it meant I couldn’t do the things I had planned. I wanted to take my Mum out shopping, go to the art shops and get calligraphy stuff and paints. I was really disappointed with myself for falling ill, but in the end, it worked out for the best, because over the 4-5 days I was there I got to sit and spend some time with my Mum, talking about books, and art and about what jobs she used do. I also found out she loves having the kindle we got her as changing the font size helps her to be able to see the writing. So we sat down at my Sister’s laptop and managed to find her some books off the internet. I’m so pleased as I know how much she loves reading and to lose that ability because the writing is too small or bunched together is such a shame. It’s opened so many doors for her.

So while I was up there, I got to eat Mum’s amazing cooking, including cornbeef hotpot, her roast dinner and her amazing baking skills and I got eat chocolate biscuits straight from the oven, heaven! So when I came back to Leeds this made me think that I really do need to look at my diet and what I eat and how I cook it. I started cooking fresh last year and my body seemed to react in a weird way, as I had spent the previous 5 years on and off ready meals and  junk food as it so easy to make when you’re busy or tired or both. That’s what lead up to me finding out about the vitamin D deficiency. I’ve ben looking at foods that could help and also trying my hardest to cut down on sugar and chocolate especially after 3pm. It sometimes works.

This week, I was aiming at salads at work and managed two days, then had a flatbread sandwich from the supermarket. I then had a very stressful day at work yesterday and reached for the sugar and that was that. I made a start and I will continue it. It’s just not going to happen over night. But I do feel better for it and that’s what lead me onto thinking more about my health and how much I miss running. Exercise is an aid to depression and I lost my motivation quite a while back, so much so it was 3 years ago I did the last 10k in York. I can’t believe it. Life got in the way I had job changes and then just felt so exhausted that most of my days off were spent in the house. Since that last race I have become two stone heavier and rather unfit. It was then I decided that I needed a goal and look at the Leeds 10k and I entered it. It’s not until July so it gives me plenty of time to train and I’m not aiming for a special time, just to complete it.

I will be raising money for Cystic Fibrosis in memory of my friend who, if you have read pieces in my blog know I lost her 16 years ago. I have carried so much guilt about how I let her down in those final months, and moving away from home that I decided I needed to do something to honour her and say sorry. I’m running the 10k for me, and in memory of my friend. It gives me something to focus on.

I spoke to my friend about running shoes and was advised to get my feet checked, I think its called a gait test and recommended Up and Running. I emailed them and got an amazing response and last Sunday I went down to get checked. I now wish I had done this when doing the 10ks previous because although my first set of trainers were perfect the ones after weren’t and now I know why, I have a mild instep and I wasn’t getting the support and now I do and with trainers almost identical to my first pair and I’m in love with them. Haven’t tried them outside yet, have just be plodding around the house to get a feel of them, but I think it’s going to make running a lot more easier. From the footage I was shown it looks like I run on my toes and then land (I think) it all looked a bit odd to me, but I wasn’t putting my foot down flat, and then change of shoes and what a difference. I could even end up faster than before, depending on fitness levels of course :p. So keep an eye of the blog, as hopefully I will be updating my progress, I will be going back to the training we did before with walks and walking/running break down before I even attempt a 5k park run in preparation for the big day. It’s all very exciting!!!!

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