I’ve just finished a book called ‘sorted! The good psychopath’s guide to bossing your life’ by Dr Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab, another self help book, one I found by accident while looking at ways to improve things at work and in my life in general. its a fab quick read with lots of tips and a personality questionnaire and I’ve done it and I think its spot on, here’s the results:

Neuroticism: You are tense,anxious,highly strung and insecure… the best of times!!!

Extroversion: You are moderately outgoing and appreciate both time alone and social activities.

Openness to experience :  You tend to favour a balance of old and new ways.

Agreeableness: You are generally kind and affable but at times can be sceptical and uncompromising

Conscientiousness: There is some degree of method in your madness!!!! You generally work to achieve goals but also maintain a good work life balance.

And I love at the end how it says: ‘….however, give you some idea about what makes you unique in your ways of thinking feeling and interacting with others.’

Love it!!!

And the funniest bit… I scored average in all subjects bar neuroticism where I scored high. Wonder what it’s trying to tell me :p

Thank you for reading



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