Hocus Pocus

When did it become the norm that other people’s like/dislikes/opinions (same thing?) become so important that we have to dismiss them? When someone doesn’t like a book or a film and then another says your wrong to think/like that or don’t you know it’s a load of hocus pocus/rubbish? Well yesterday was book club night and opinions of all kinds are allowed. In fact it makes for a better discussion. Now someone who will read this will probably use this against me when I tell you the story that I found funny. I was sorting out my online diary and someone saw it say ‘crystal course’. When asked what it was about I said it was to do with crystals healing. They then went to say it was a load of gibbereish. Fair point that’s their opinion, I’m still undecided. I haven’t had much done with this type of healing that’s why I’m up for being a guinea pig.

In the next breath this person then said ‘what did I do wrong in a past life’. hang on a minute, if you think crystals are hocus pocus surely the whole past life thing is the same, whether they’re joking or not I think I have had the rawest of deals, I mean why is it when most males I come in contact with who are not a lovely uncle, or someone I know through book club, think that the root of all their problems is down to me?

I mean for years I was at fault for being ‘a stubborn, independent child’ and made my dad ill. In was only helping Mum out when she was ill, or helping with my sister when she took ill at a young age. Then I caused a uni friend’s depression, actually before that my ex said I drove him to find love somewhere else as I was too busy with work, oh and I was hard work not sure what that meant. My first boyfriend at age of 12 dumped me for a silly reason. something to do with a visiting relative. So in all honestly I think I got the raw deal, as people keep on about me being single yet, I just don’t want the hassle of being the issue of some man’s health problems or have to give up what I’ve got now. I’m finally healing, and I don’t think people like that.

It’s the same with book club. How people mock me when I say I go and actually I run one and a half groups and I am really proud of it. Yet they scoff and call me a nerd, even though people recommend I go to get out the house. You know I’m sure this issue with men is something to do with the stubbornness and independence and fact I perhaps know more or can do more than them. I mean I can even fix a door handle on my own now.  Shouldn’t get too cocky though something big will happen and I will need help :D.

Let people live, let them have their own choices and opinions and oh it might not just be your words that causes harm, a guy took offence last week at work when I went to apologise for the queue and then took off in a full rant saying he didn’t want to be served by me. Well ok, but I did not deserve that. Funny how people gain opinions from sight and react without thinking. We’re all guilty of it, just some worse than others.

Rant over.

Thank you for reading



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