Green Knowe – truely, madly, creepy!


I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, the most enjoyable children’s books always have some sort of a bite in them(is it the same as Young Adult? I’ve never known where the cut off point is there. Will check with the oracle in a bit! – UPDATE – she indicates that its discretionary. So I shall stick with children’s, as I think YA is a horrendous degrading marketing ploy.).
From Roald Dahl (where the bite might be literal!), to Enid Blyton, to Philip Pullman, Michelle Paver, JK Rowling  and so on; the who’s who of children’s books  have all recognised that to appeal to a literate and intelligent young person; there needs to be an element of danger, consequences for crimes, consistent and rational (albeit fantastical) characters, and the reality that, very often, you can rely only on yourself (and a select band of buds) to…

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