1. Yet again it’s the end of January and it seems to have flown by.
  2. My birthday has come and gone and soon to be forgotten.
  3.  And now it’s time to celebrate others 😦
  4.  I’m finally feeling that I’m recovering from the rush of Christmas
  5. partly due to the mini break at Mum’s.
  6. I’ve read 10 books so far this year. I’ve finally got some reading mojo.
  7. I’m 4 years off 40. EEEKKKSSS!!!!
  8. I’ve realise i am in a relationship….with my house. it’s been the constant thing these last 5 years and I’ve finally realised I’ve fallen in love with it.
  9. I look at photos of me from last year and don’t recognise myself.
  10. I realise that after attempting pancakes this morning and the first one went horribly wrong that I can achieve things with a little patience (some times I have none!)
  11. Now that the stress from Christmas has gone and I’ve been a month on these Vitamin D tablets I’m starting to feel a sense of ‘normal’ again. Still hit and miss with the memory though but time will tell.
  12. I am lucky to have the friends and family and there support.
  13. I have a roof over my head and a good job
  14. I need to start exercising again.
  15. I need to save money.
  16. I need more clothes as I can’t fit in to any at the moment.
  17. It’s 3 months away from World Book Night
  18. I need to sort out a passport
  19. I’ve never been abroad so this should be fun
  20. I’m healthy – I don’t have any disabilities and I’m grateful for that.
  21. I was born not to fit in.
  22. The day I was born
  23. And Mum tells me early in the morning so I could fit all my meals in. No change there then.
  24. Perhaps that’s why I wake up so early?
  25. I had 11 hours sleep last night dream’t i drank a whole bottle of archers straight from the bottle and woke up with a headache
  26. I’m the eldest of one parent the middle of the other
  27. I think I should have been born 10 years earlier
  28. I’m stubborn, independent and sometimes scared of change but give me a little time and I’ll come round
  29. I sometimes get homesick for Spennymoor
  30. I really should go away more
  31. I really should learn to sit down and relax and not feel guilty
  32. I really should sort this house out and get rid of clutter
  33. but that’s for another day
  34. I forgot how much I love drawing
  35. I should do some everyday
  36. I’m grateful for the simple/little things in life.

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