Proud to be me

I’ve been helping my friend Kirsty practice her coursework so she can start a new career, and it has helped me wonders without realising it. In 2013 I did Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and was ok for a bit, swapped jobs and then completely forgot about it thinking I was ok. Big mistake! I should have carried on with this and should be doing it still today. I came to this conclusion after yesterday’s workshop with Kirsty. Over the past few weeks we have created a vision board, got all the pens, glue, pins and started to create stuff and I didn’t realise how much I missed it.

I found myself on the internet yesterday looking for diaries as I wanted to start sorting out next year, getting an idea of dates etc, I have already designed a wall planner using clipart off the web, and bought a mini calendar for the kitchen. In the end after finding a couple on the internet I decided instead of ordering online I’d go check out the stock instead, and I’m so glad I did. Even though it took me a good ten minutes of walking around in circles to find the bloody thing, I actually found one much better instore (1st proud moment) than online and it has loads more to offer.

Like a note section which I can use now and then go back to the proper diary in January. I also nearly gave up on the idea of food shopping today as the weather has been awful, and I didn’t want to walk back soaked. But luckily the rain held off and I got an amazing amount of food, under budget to (second proud moment). After getting some free food outside the St Johns Centre which was a samosas and curried lentils, I decided I needed to cook a vegetable curry from scratch. So an hour later, 4 heavy bags, cupboards now stocked with veg, I cooked a curry and it was amazing. I even washed up while it was bubbling away. Normally I leave it for days, but no, I cleaned up.

And now, I’m going to grab some me time and read a book. That’s my first step at goal setting. To read for an hour a day. So far so good. Just need to start the exercising malarky again, perhaps a walk into work might be an idea.

Thank you for reading



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