pj day


Today was mean’t to be pj day, to sit all day and do nothing. Well after waking up at 8am getting breakfast and coffee and going back to bed, I finally got up at 9am, for another coffee and to watch Murder She Wrote. By 10:30 I was ready to kick the spider out of the sink, been there for ever! wash up and hoover. The need to put the house straight was bigger than me sitting down and reading. I must be mad. I now have a second load of washing on and about to tackle the clothes pile that has built up before another coffee and give myself an hour to read a book whilst my hair was being dyed.


I went to sit outside, no sun on my side at this time but needed some air. Next door’s little boy was out and started showing me his toys. He then told me about the pegs on the line which led onto super heroes. He went and got his colouring book to tell me who was who. It’s so nice to have someone just talk to you and not be judged or moaned at because your not doing what they want. The little boy asked me what the numbers were in his book and then started counting. His Mum came out and asked what he was doing, his reply was ‘do you mind I’m talking to someone’. Kids can be so funny.

2015-09-06 16.10.14


I’m in my sanctuary. the attic. I’m searching through all the rubbish to make it a bigger space. The tables are just covered in junk and i just tossed it on the floor and gave it a good polish. Trying to read Ghostwritten by David Mitchell and wondering what’s going on. I am determined to finish it today. that’s how I will force myself to sit still.


So third lot of washing done, house hoovered and attic cleared of a load of rubbish. Now sat sorting through the computer and in need of a bath. rest of the night will be reading. But first make something else to eat.

Lesson learned: Need to be more strict and sit down and not let things bug me. house will still be there to sort when needed


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