Christmas should be banned

As we are about to leave august signs are slowly creeping in that the end of the year is near. Yet I hear you shout, ‘we still have 4 months to go’. Yet in retail that doesn’t matter as for the next 3 months we have to suffer from the sight of Christmas. From cards to wrapping paper, to now I head Christmas jumpers. I fear retail is judging ruining what should be a special time. Next we’ll be having it all year around. And the fact that everything we buy for that one special day, is devalued the next in the boxing day sales. After working in retail for nearly half my life, and for the past 5 years living on my own, I am now sick of the sight of Christmas decorations. I was bought a tree ad given decorations but it just seems a waste of time. People get worse with their attitude,worried that they can’t afford big and expensive present as they might receive, that they’ve left it to the last minute and you’ve ran out of what they wanted!.

The best bit it is, Halloween always gets overshadowed. Yes I know a traditional event like Christmas in most peoples eyes but in recent years I’ve found it to be more fun. I went trick or treating with a friend and their girls and then last year was involved in a Halloween event. Yet this is pushed to one side so retailers can bring in the tinsel as this is the biggest event of the year. Yet by the time it gets to this big day, every one is too knackered to care. So come on retailers, if not for the special day think of the people who work with it. Don’t spoil Christmas. Leave it until November 1st and make it a better party please.


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