Jim Carrey and Hugh Jackman do impressions of each other and it’s made our day


Jim Carrey Wolverine (Picture: Jim Carrey Twitter)

We’re already pretty major fans of Jim Carrey and Hugh Jackman – but after this back and forth on social media, we may just love them even more.

The pair have delighted movie fans by sending each other up with impressions of their most notable characters.

Jackman set the ball rolling by using Dubsmash to impersonate The Mask’s catchphrase ‘Smokin’!’

Over 95,000 of the A-list Hollywooder’s followers on Instagram have liked his effort.

Here it is in all of its glory:

If the Mask is given a remake (well, everything else is, these days), could Jackman be a contender to usurp Carrey?

If so, Carrey has his eye on one of Jackman’s roles as he responded with this hilarious picture of himself in…

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