Project Helen

Yesterday I made the decision to get up at 6am on my day off. I wanted to get the house clean and get the washing sorted as I have not been able to over the past couple of weeks, from being busy and then getting unexpected house guests, I took a friend in when her house flooded. I’ve been trying to get rid of the clutter, some of which I’ve had for over 7 years and its time to get rid as it is just sat in piles everywhere.

I’ve recently been shifting all the rubbish from the living room and bedroom to the attic which could also be another bedroom but was my junk/washing room (where I hang the wet clothes)  and now is the office/junk room/washing room. It’s great because I look like I’m a tidy person but actually everything is rammed upstairs.

I had planned for months to get a second table when I found I needed something else to work on. I planned to create a space to do book reviews, design etc and one table wasn’t enough. and I also needed a bit better chair than the fold up one. It turns out I now have 3 chairs and two tables as I have a very posh office chair on loan, only problem is the attic is carpeted so I can’t whizz up and down it on the chair. Believe me I’ve tried.

As plans go by 9am I had the 3rd lot of washing on, drank 3 coffees I think, cleaned the kitchen and was ready to tackle putting the cushions back in their covers. A message came through on my phone and I arranged to go into town for 10:30, so plans quickly changed. Needing to get back for 1pm for lunch, I quickly got myself sorted and off I went. I think I had a feeling my plans would change but I was disappointed I was quite happy, I think I had a gut felling it would happen.

Back to mine by 1pm and I met my friend Kirsty and off we went to try the new cafe. It’s in there my love of a window seat made an appearance and now I have a mission to build one that isn’t fixed to the wall and can go in my home. Just another thing to add to the list.

Now I’m floating like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes
I went from zero, to my own hero

cakes from the cafe, I want to bake again.

So today was about me. About some stress relief, as apparently according to my friend at her not -40th birthday party on Saturday I am OCD with cleaning, yet I can be the opposite when working and create a right mess. But as with running was a stress relief, like spending money you don’t have on crap, or eating cake, or gusting wasteful I seem to clean. except I love cleaning, apart from if it involves the bathroom, that I’m not keen on. It resulted in emptying the hoover twice, chucking out two bin bags of rubbish plus a bag of recycle and also taking about 5 bags down to charity. It felt such a relief when it was all gone.

As for the rest I think I can cope with it all piled up, it’ll just have to be an ongoing process.

The plan now is to be grateful for what I have and for things that happen, like someone buying me a coffee,

or Kirsty introducing me to a new project like clubbercise – which is awesome by the way. To someone buying me a box of chocolates for a job well done or because i had a very stressful week.

To my sister checking up on me and my Mum ringing me up to check on me and to not get stressed out after I developed a lovely rash.

To my book club people, who last night completely surprised me as I was about to introduce the book it went into a full blown rant. Book club makes everything better.

To it being sunny on my day off, even if I haven’t had chance to enjoy it,

For the ability to read, and to be able to absorb myself into book, can be rare these days.

For my health

For finding strength to keep getting up every morning and going to work and doing everything else I want to do

And although my Mum is one of my heroes with others who I won’t mention, I want to become my own, what costume I would where I do not know. But I want to be proud of myself and respect myself when others don’t.


I know this blog is long and probably not making any sense by now but it has been a while and it is just a stream of thought so I thought I would finish by telling you what I’ve been trying to do over the past few months with the attic but first….

Heard this classic blasting from a car just need to change wording to become own hero……

I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.

Project Helen

positive thoughts


What I posted on FB to show others:

Currently working through things in the house to get rid of which I’ve held onto for years along with learning to respect myself and to become a stronger person

  • *learning to put flat pack together
  • *In the garden having flowers that are not weeds !!! hooray
  • *to maintain a clean and tidy kitchen
  • Every so often retreat to the sofa to retreat to this
  • A goal, to have a window seat and read books and drink coffee
  • I must do a proper spring clean more often
  • The chair pic – ta da! the office!!!! check out the posh seat on loan
  • the pile of tubs – just this left to sort. another 6 bags to charity this afternoon. feeling proud
  • The pile of books – emptied the boxes of books and just need a bookcase, just need to read them
  • The CBT folder – to get stuck into this again
  • the drawing of the tiger -to draw more
  • The picture of me in the sea – just learn to let it go (cue music)


Thank you for reading




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