The bottom

The week didn’t start off to well for me. I got myself into a low mood simply because someone had been gossiping about me and I got a little overwhelmed and sunk into slow mood. Worried about how people were seeing me and that things were beginning to go wrong again like they did a few years ago I dug myself into a hole. It isn’t but my thoughts were telling me different and the signs I was picking up were completely wrong.

But that’s how it can happen. One minute perfectly fine next, you’re feeling like you’re rolling out of control down a hill and no soft landing. After a day off and time spent with a friend’s dog getting lost on a walk in the sunshine, realising how unfit I am but his much exercise does benefit I feel tons better, I just need to set a goal\plan and start running, start decluttering, start reading more and when I notice the signs of a low mood, try to exercise, write it down and figure out why it s happening after all the CBT worked I’ve just got out of practice

So just a quick short blog as off to read a book, goodnight

Thank you for reading



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