The Puffin Club


The Puffin Club was the groundbreaking venture launched by editor Kaye Webb in 1967 that changed children’s books forever. The club broke down the barrier between authors and young readers, bringing them together at Puffin parties and in the pages of Puffin Post. Webb helped create the world our children our now lucky enough to inhabit, with its laureates, festivals, book days and never ending magic roundabout of author events.

I asked two people involved in the club about their memories of Puffin Parties, the unique Kaye Webb and whether her club should be revived. Philippa Dickinson, began as an office junior and event organiser and went on to become Managing Director of Random House children’s books. She was Terry Pratchett’s editor and was a key part in the launch of the Fighting Fantasy game books.

Lizza Aiken is a writer and the curator of her mother Joan Aiken’s estate.

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