Paper Moomins at the Eden Project


The Moomins and I have been on our holidays. Not on the Riviera, but to Cornwall and the Eden Project. Paper Moomintroll, Little My, Snuffkin and the Hattifatteners travelled with us from the sunflower soaked fields of southern France to the bountiful rain forests of Malaysia, before encountering their ‘ancestors’ in deepest Africa.

Tove Jansson loved to travel. It informed her work at the deepest level and it’s hard to imagine this woman, whose entire life was bound up with her writing, drawing and painting, ever taking a mere holiday. Like Snuffkin Tove was a ‘traveller’, a term she loved, ‘that beautiful old fashioned word’.

Her early travels were typically eventful. She savoured the precious last moments of peace time in Europe when she spent the summer of 1939 travelling alone to pre-apocalyptic Italy. A particularly thrilling visit to Pompeii provided the basis for one of Snuffkin’s…

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