From The Avengers to Cinderella: 12 times this man totally nailed low-cost cosplay


The Thing (Picture: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay)

Who says you need to pay a fortune for a decent cosplay costume?

Look around your home. Got a mango pudding pot and some rubber gloves? You’re half way to being Belle from Beauty And The Beast. How about a couple of infra-red computer mouses? Bingo, you’ve got the makings of the Terminator.

Cosplay, where fans of comic books, anime, video game characters and films dress up as their heroes, has grown over the years with conventions being held all over the world. It’s now big business.

Well this cunning chappy has found a way of not having to fork out for new costumes each time he attends one. Genius.

And he saves the absolute best ’til last…

1. A yellow pudding, some rubber gloves and a tea towel on your head = a beautiful Belle. Disney would be proud.

6 - vu2vxKr Belle from Beauty And The Beast (Picture: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay)

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