9 reasons Saturday morning kids TV ruled in the 90s


Ant and Dec during their days as children’s TV kings (Picture: PA)

Saturday morning TV used to be the liveliest and most unpredictable part of the schedules – a place where Smash Hits pin-ups rubbed shoulders with squeaky glove puppets, telephone number jingles were catchier than the common cold and copious amounts of gunge was virtually compulsory.

But ever since BBC and ITV bosses decided to shunt kids programming off to their own separate channels, the time slot has sadly been swamped with the kind of cookery shows in which laddish personalities exchange ‘banter’ while pretending to be interested in making a monkfish salad.

The 70s may have kickstarted the whole format with Swap Shop, the 80s may have had Saturday Superstore and Going Live!, and the 00s may have done its best to keep the tradition going with the likes of Dick and Dom in da Bungalow and TMI.

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