26 things that prove you had an epic childhood


AD_166622475.jpg THIS was childhood (Picture: Metro)

We all have bucket lists of things we want to achieve in life.

But, did you know that your childhood also required a long checklist of experiences to be deemed successful?

If you look back to the glory years of your infant to teenage years, you will get some mixed memories – but here is a definitive list to prove whether or not you won at childhood.

If you are not ticking off at least half of these, all we can do is pity you.

You know you had an epic childhood when…

FILM  'The Exorcist'  (1973)  starring Linda Blair, Max Von Sydow and Jason Miller.  THE EXORCIST 01/05/1973 CTD10196...Scarborough...North Yorkshire...England...Stood half body Not scared. Honestly (Picture: Warner Bros)

1. You watched an 18 certificate film in secret and pretended that the blood and murder were totally cool and not making you want to wet yourself.

AD_166621360.jpg (Picture: Getty)

2. You engaged in competitions with your peers on who could eat the sourest sweets. Hardcore kids ended…

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