Get the hoover out! Housework is surprisingly vital to mental and physical health



Freddie knew just how important it was! Freddie knew just how important it was!

There’s few things more tedious and time consuming than housework – even if it is essential in maintaining domestic bliss.

But we’ve now got an entirely different reason to wash the dishes and hoover the carpets.

Scientists claim cleaning the home is vital to our mental and physical health.

Housework can be more beneficial than factors such as salary or the area you live in – because of the exercise involved in the task, according to researchers at Case Western University.

The study consisted of 337 participants aged from 65 to 94, who had to have at least one chronic illness and physical restrictions that prevented them from daily tasks such as dressing and bathing.

But the research team, led by Dr Kathy Wright, discovered that housework was more beneficial to the physical conditions of the participants than other factors.

‘House cleaning kept…

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