Fat people can be placed in six categories, apparently


Fancy a beer? (Picture: Getty) Fancy a beer? (Picture: Getty)

Affluent, healthy elderly. Heavy drinking males. Young healthy females.

These are just three of the six types of obese person that scientists have identified in a new study – which has the potential to transform how doctors treat overweight people.

According to the study, obese people can be placed in six categories:

1) Young healthy females

2) Heavy drinking males

3) Affluent and healthy elderly

4) Unhappy and anxious middle-aged

5) Physically sick but happy elderly

6) Poor health

The pioneering categories were created by researchers at the University of Sheffield, who analysed people with a body mass index of over 30 (anyone with a BMI higher than this is considered obese).

Overweight participants were then quizzed on a number of factors, including whether they suffered from insomnia, depression, heart disease or cancer.

But despite displaying the healthiest behaviour, the ‘younger healthy females’ group was…

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