EXCLUSIVE ‘True love isn’t a fairytale’ Wife of dying 23-year-old gives inspiration following Ed Sheeran message


wedding 3 The couple enjoyed a beautiful day (Picture: Stephanie Cant of Milestone Photography)

The whole of the UK can’t have failed to have been moved by the bittersweet story of soulmates Jack and Laura Jordan.

Ed Sheeran was so touched by their story he sent them a special video message urging them to drink and dance a lot and have a lot of sex at their wedding.

Jack and Laura were forced to move the wedding forward and get married in a hospital chapel after 23-year-old Jack was tragically told he was no longer able to have a bone marrow transplant because his illness was too far advanced.

[mbv vid=”4179279576001″] [/mbv]

Rather than fall into the depths of despair over their cruel situation, Jack and Laura seized control and moved their big day forward. The day was full of nice surprises – including Laura wearing a wedding dress that Jack knew nothing…

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